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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Robert Gibbs complains about not showing Obama speech on channel showing Obama Speech

Soon to be ex-Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was a guest this morning on Fox and Friends to promote the President's health care address to Congress. But he couldn't end the segment without taking a shot at Fox for not carrying the speech live on its broadcast network.

Of course, he was on a network that will be carrying the speech live. But let's not let that get in the way of blaming Fox News and conservatives for the country's opposition to ObamaCare. What's really annoying is Gibbs' smug assumption that the "public" airwaves belong to the President, who can interrupt this broadcast at this pleasure. Obama has increasingly abused the privilege of asking for prime time network coverage for his "major" policy speeches and heavily staged press conferences. The networks, who have been shedding viewers for years, don't like giving away their prime assets and disrupting what little connection they have left with viewers who just want to see a dance show or crime drama.

If Robert Gibbs thinks that the one thing holding back the President's health care initiative is lack of exposure to the American people, he'll be shopping for a book deal by Christmas.

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