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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NH House bill mandating paid sick days draws opposition

Robert Cook reports in Foster's on small business owners opposing proposed sick day mandates from Rep. Mary Stuart Gile.

If approved, it would require any New Hampshire business that employs at least 10 people to provide five paid sick days for their full- and part-time workers who have worked for a given company at least six months.

Gile said her bill is the result of recommendations made by a legislative work and family task force established in the fall 2007. She said paid sick days were among the recommendations the group made in November 2008 based on testimony from many New Hampshire businesses, workers and other groups.

Gile said the proposed measure would benefit the New Hampshire economy and families. But she understands why some businesses may have reservations.
Business owners offer benefits such as sick days and vacation in order to attract better employees. They are, and should not be, under any legal obligation to pay people to not work for them.

This bill is not only another example of Concord trying to tell New Hampshire business owners how they should run their businesses, but also of the way that bad ideas creep their way forward at the State House. Gile doesn't just present these new mandates as her own idea, but as a recommendation from a study committee. Who would say no to a study committee? It's purpose is just to gather information. And then when the stacked deck comes out in favor of higher taxes and more government, it's not the individual politician's fault. He's just following the recommnendations of the experts who studied this issue all summer.

Tomorrow, the Ways and Means Committee starts the study New Hampshire's tax structure. Any ideas on what they find?

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