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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lynch gives union three more weeks

Daniel Barrack reports in the Concord Monitor that Governor Lynch plans 750 layoffs in three weeks if the state can't reach an agreement with the State Employees Association.
"State employee jobs are in jeopardy because union leadership will not allow the state employees to vote on the tentative agreement," Lynch said.

Union representatives responded by forcefully accusing Lynch of blocking an agreement by making unrealistic demands.

"We have been available to negotiate a contract, but this is a governor who is very used to things always going Governor Lynch's way," said Diana Lacey, one of the SEA's lead negotiators. "We've met his mandate, and we have done it in a very humane way to our workers and - oh, by the way - to the public they serve. We are not walking away from the table."
Today's Union Leader reports a Friday deadline for a deal. It's possible both reports are accurate. Lynch could order the layoffs if no deal is reach tomorrow, but they wouldn't go into effect for three weeks.

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