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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Political fallout from SEA Contract Mess

In the Sunday columns, both Kevin Landrigan and Tom Fahey look at the political fallout of the State Employees Association contract squabble.

In his column, Landrigran reports that union negotiator Diana Lacey says state workers are looking out for New Hampshire residents and not just their paychecks.

SEA chief negotiator Diana Lacey said that in casting their votes, employees will have the proper delivery of state services on their minds as much as their own finances.

"Therein lies the struggle that has far more to do with a long-term issue state employees have been living with, but for which the public is essentially unaware,'' she wrote in an op-ed piece released Friday.
Under the State House Dome, Fahey writes that the contract isn't the only choice facing union members.
This isn't the only big vote coming up for SEA, either. On Oct. 24, about 400 union delegates will gather in Nashua to vote for SEA president, second vice president and secretary. The last time President Gary Smith was elected, the results were challenged. The new vote is the negotiated outcome of a complaint to the U.S. Department of Labor that Smith used a delegate contact list he withheld from other candidates.

The union also faces a renewed effort by the New England Police Benevolent Association to woo corrections officers away from SEA. The group already voted once to join NEPBA, but the results were thrown out because of problems in timing of the organizing petition.

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