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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Book Review- Saving Freedom

Over at Big Hollywood, Bob Hamer reviews Sen. Jim DeMint's book, "Saving Freedom".
The book provides interesting insights into the world of politics and the pressures politicians face. One of several examples he provides is the uphill battle he has had with some veterans’ groups. Even though “serving veterans has been a top priority” he has been given an “F” by one national group because he voted against a veterans’ bill. The reasoning for his vote was sound but fodder for the special interests. (As a veteran, with a son in the Marines, I am quick to side with veterans’ groups but must now admit the Senator’s book opened my eyes. Maybe I need to dig deeper before I react.)

The Veterans Administration wanted to “downsize an under-utilized veterans’ hospital in Los Angeles.” By selling off several acres the VA estimated they could add $5 billion (with a “b”) to the veterans’ budget. “But Hollywood friends of the two California Senators wanted to keep the area as a park, so the bill included an ‘earmark’ to prohibit the VA from selling the property.” The money from the sale would have gone to veteran’s health-care. Senator DeMint tried to remove the “earmark” but his amendment failed so he voted against the bill. As a result he was targeted by certain veterans’ groups and now assumes he will spend money at his re-election combating ads attacking him for being against military veterans.

But the book doesn’t whine about our nation’s problems. He provides an action plan for the nation and the individual to reclaim our freedoms. As Fox News says, “We report, you decide.” I would encourage everyone to take a look. “Saving Freedom” provides knowledge and some practical ways of doing and serving. Become informed and get involved. It is our country but it may not be the country we think we know if we don’t act soon.

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