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Friday, September 25, 2009

2008 Waivers finally released

A year and a half late, the Deparment of Administrative Services has released the list of 2008 waivers to the Governor's spending freeze to the Fiscal Committee. The report, sent in advance of Tuesday's Fiscal Committee meeting, shows 129 waivers to the hiring, travel, and equipment freezes during the last four months of Fiscal Year 2008, costing $418,000. The report does not cover the annual cost of those waivers, as employees stay on state payrolls through FY09 and beyond.

Commissioner Hodgden, who told the Fiscal Committee last month that this report has already been given to them, admits in her letter that the Governor had not transmitted the list of waivers for FY08 to Fiscal as required by the Executive Order.

FY08 Waiver Report- DAS

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