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Monday, September 21, 2009

Cracking the nuts: ACORN gets defunded

The Union Leader explores the events that led to Congress pulling public money away from the corrupt ACORN organization.
Last week, the nut cracked. Two conservative activists, James E. O'Keefe III and Hannah Giles, had disinfected the group with sunshine.

The pair, dressed as stereotypes of a pimp and a prostitute, went to ACORN offices and asked for advice on how to launder prostitution money so they could pay the mortgage on a brothel without drawing suspicion. ACORN employees gladly explained to them how to execute their plan without getting caught. They seemed to be experts on tax fraud and money laundering. All of this was caught on video, then put online.

The reaction in Washington was unusually swift. The Census Bureau, which had contracted with ACORN, severed all ties. The Senate voted 83-7 to strip ACORN of access to federal transportation and housing money. Then the House voted 345-75 to defund ACORN entirely.

Keep in mind that the two votes to defund ACORN were on different bills. That means ACORN hasn't lost its federal funding yet. Keep a close eye on Congress to see if it follows through on its vote to defund a corrupt political ally.

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