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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Connecticut passes New Hampshire in property tax burden

The main argument made by supporters of a broadbased income tax is that it would ease the burden on local property taxpayers. Yet Kevin Landrigran reports in the Nashua Telegraph that the last two states to institute an income tax, New Jersey and Connecticut, both have higher property taxes than the Granite State.
The Tax Foundation reported that Connecticut displaced New Hampshire as the second-highest taxed state in the region; Connecticut property taxes in 2008 totaled $4,603 compared to New Hampshire's total of $4,501 last year.

New Hampshire had been second highest over each of the last five years, according to the group's analysis.

New Jersey led the nation as it has for more than a decade with an average property tax bill of $6,320 per household.

This isn't to say that property taxes in New Hampshire aren't high, or a tough burden for home and business owners. But you don't lower taxes by raising taxes.

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