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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michael Moore is making sense

No, really. I'm sure his new film is just as loaded with distoritions and fallacies as his earlier work. But the lefty filmmaker is right to criticize the film incentive program that Michigan politicians have written into their tax code.

Filmmaker Michael Moore, whose Michigan-made film “Capitalism: A Love Story” opens nationwide this weekend, told Michigan Messenger recently that he is not sure yet whether his production will apply for the film credits.

“I am under pressure from the studio to do this,” he said.

Moore said that he had personally trained a dozen people in film related work during the 18-month-long production of his current film and said he was unaware of recent criticism of the state’s film incentive program.

“If it’s not good for Michigan,” he said, “Michigan shouldn’t do it.”
Giving favored industries a tax break at the expense of others isn't capitalism. It's cronyism. I don't agree with Moore all that often, but he's right about this.

Hattip: Kathy Hoekstra, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

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