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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Union Leader runs an AP update on the I-93 widening project that has been delayed for years by environmental lawsuits.
After a series of delays, the Interstate 93 widening project is back on track in New Hampshire with some bridge and roadwork expected to be done by next year.

Construction is currently focusing on exit 3 in Windham. The goal is to add additional lanes and longer ramps and give drivers less of a curve to navigate.
The I-93 project is a classic example of opponents of a construction project using convoluted federal laws to block in court what they couldn't stop politically. The environmental impact paperwork requirements are so vague and byzantine that there will always be grounds for nearly endless review. The review process needs to be streamlined. There's a place for the courts to review if state and local governments are complying with the law, but the courts should not be used as a stalling tactic to drive up the cost and the wait of public works projects.

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