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Friday, September 4, 2009

Norelli's mention of a state income tax alarms conservatives

If Terie Norelli's comments opening the door to an income tax was intended as a way to discuss New Hampshire's tax structure, I guess it worked. Tom Fahey reports in the Union Leader ron the immediate backlash to Norelli's pro-income tax article in the Portsmouth Herald.
Several Republican groups jumped on the remark as evidence that Norelli and other Democrats are ready to pass a tax they predict will damage the fragile economy. The phrase "out of touch with New Hampshire voters" appeared in a number of press releases criticizing Norelli.

Norelli, D-Portsmouth, said yesterday her remarks came during a discussion of a planned legislative review of the effect state tax policy has on its economy.

"I said I think we're looking at everything -- this is to look at all taxes and fees, existing and not existing," Norelli said.

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