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Friday, September 4, 2009

Joseph W. McQuaid: Dumbest state rep. or dumbest state?

Union Leader Publisher Joe McQuaid weighs in on the case of a pro-sales tax Massachusetts lawmaker caught loading up on cheap New Hampshire booze.
Herald columnist Howie Carr has nominated the pol for his coveted "DSR'' (Dumbest State Representative) award. True, the man was foolish to sport his official state license plates on his shopping trip. But the man isn't dumb to be taking advantage of New Hampshire's tax-free shopping.

Thousands of out-of-staters do the same thing every day, every year. They have been doing it for as long as New Hampshire has had the good sense not to fall for the phony claims that we MUST have our own broadbased tax or our state will face immediate and utter devastation.

At NH Watchdog, we refuse to criticize our neighboring states when they help the New Hampshire economy. Instead, we salute their membership in the New Hampshire Economic Recovery Coalition.

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