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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Talks fall apart between state, union workers

The Governor's Office has fired back at SEA chief Gary Smith's allegation of bad faith, saying that the union is responsible for talks breaking down by bringing last minute demands to the neogtiating table. Kevin Landrigan reports on Lynch spokesman Colin Manning's comments in the Nashua Telegraph.
The eliminated overtime has been paid to correction officers for more than 12 years but legislators nixed it to preserve some correction jobs Lynch called for laying off with the closure of the minimum-security prison in Laconia.

Manning said union negotiators came to the table with these last minute demands that weren’t part of the delicate talks that produced a tentative agreement last month.

“Unfortunately in the last several sessions, the union has begun to walk away from provisions agreed to in the tentative agreement and to demand additional items not contained in the tentative agreement,” Manning said.

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