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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Norelli upset at Income Tax Backlash

House Speaker Terie Norelli is hitting at critics who disliked her telling the Portsmouth Herald that she was open to all options for the New Hampshire budget, including an income tax. The Herald gets Norelli's reaction.
On Friday, she continued to maintain that such a broad-based look at revenue would be helpful.

“It's prudent to gather as much information as possible about everything we're doing outside of the pressure and constraints of budget gathering,” she said. “That includes everything, except for gambling because there's an independent commission looking at gambling. Why would anybody be afraid of looking at everything to see whether it's good or bad for our economy? It's irresponsible not to.”

She said she's upset with Republicans for what she seeks as grasping at straws. “They've got me conjuring up new taxes for the public,” she said. “They're making me look like an evil witch. They've been given every opportunity to participate in the process. For them to put out there that I'm going to be putting out an income tax is nothing more than a cheap political trick.”

Terie Norelli is an income-tax supporter. She's voted for it in the past, and been quite eloquent about what she sees as a lack of steady revenue for the workings of New Hampshire government. When asked by the Herald about the possibility of an income tax, she could have said many things.

She could have said that she used to support one, but know thinks it's a bad idea.

She could have said that as long as John Lynch is Governor, there is no prospect for an income tax.

She could have simply said that the House will not be considering an income tax when it returns.

She did not. She left the door open to all options, including the one she's voted for in the past. It is not unreasonable to conclude that Speaker Norelli continues to support an income tax, and that the Ways and Means Committee, chaired by income tax supporter Rep. Susan Almy, will report favorably on the idea this fall.

Speaker Norelli was asked if the Legislature would consider an income tax to balance the state budget. She could have said no. She choose not to, and now wishing us to ignore those words.

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