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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mass. Candidate fights NH Economic Recovery Coalition

Gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos is bucking efforts by the Massachusetts Legislature to boost the New Hampshire economy:

Mihos’ campaign has mounted a hidden camera just over the border on Route 28 in Salem, N.H., that will feed live video to his Web site starting today to show how many Massachusetts shoppers are taking their business north.

“Deval Patrick is a good governor - for New Hampshire,” Mihos cracked. “We’re just trying to show how bad tax policy hurts the region and the state. We’re inhibiting economic growth on the border by giving a direct competitor a 6.25 percent advantage. Who in business would do that?” (more)

Interesting. Most of the cries south of our border have been complainging about New Hampshire's lower taxes, or attempts to collect taxes on New Hampshire purchases. Mihos actually thinks his state should try to complete with the Granite State? If he keeps this up, he'll never get any support in Salem or Nashua.

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