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Friday, July 31, 2009

Concord Monitor- State employees should take the deal

The Concord Monitor recommends that the State Employees Association take the deal reached with Governor Lynch to avoid layoffs:
Accepting 18 days off without pay over the next two years in exchange for 18 paid days off from 2012 to 2016 is a sacrifice. State workers will lose approximately 5 percent of their income in the short run. But the alternative, putting hundreds of their fellow employees out of work at a time of high unemployment, is worse. In a matter of weeks, when the plan is put to a vote, union members should approve it. The sacrifice by state employees - who also will see a salary freeze next year will not go unnoticed. Neither, unfortunately, will the unavoidable slowdown in services at a time when the recession-driven demand for them is relentless. (more)
The main benefit to the furlough deal is that is does nothing to reduce the baseline of state expenses. By avoiding any real cut in the state workforce, or rolling back the 5.5% pay raise state employees received at the beginning of the year, this deal ensures that state employment expenses will resume their rapid upwards climb once the temporary furloughs are completed.

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