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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lynch Signs Capital Budget on the Beach

The Union Leader reports that Governor John Lynch used Hampton Beach, and $14.5 million in improvements to state facilities, as the backdrop to sign the state's two-year Capital Budget:

Calling Hampton one of New England's "crown jewel beaches," Lynch paved the way for the project that will revitalize the beach by adding and improving amenities that serve the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

"I do think the quality of the facilities and the quality of the services offered should be equal to the quality of the beach and the quality of the people who live here," Lynch told a crowd of state and local public officials and business leaders.

The project, expected to begin by late fall or next spring, will feature several new facilities, including two new bathroom complexes at the Marine Memorial and near Haverhill Street, a new Seashell stage, an expanded visitor center, canopies for shade, and stations for lifeguards and first-aid services.

According to the Legislature's Bill Tracking site, Governor Lynch actually signed the Capital Budget into law on June 30, making yesterday's ceremony, well, ceremonial.

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