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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Differing views on Education Funding

In the Concord Monitor today State Representative Judith Reever claims that fighting over the Claremont lawsuit is over. She states, I am proud that this work was completed on our watch and that education is at last, fully funded in this budget."

It took decades, but education is funded
By Rep. JUDITH REEVER For the Monitor
July 23, 2009 - 12:00 am

When Gov. John Lynch signed Senate Bill 180 into law on July 14, it marked the extraordinary completion of an almost 20-year struggle to meet the state Supreme Court's ruling that New Hampshire provide an adequate education for all students.

SB 180 was the last piece required to meet the state's obligation to the funding of education. The court ruled that the Legislature must define an adequate education, cost it, fund it and put in place measures to ensure we provide the opportunity for an adequate education. (

Meanwhile the Keene Sentinel is reporting that "There's a lull in the fighting".

School-funding formula off hot seat — for now
CONCORD — For the first time in almost 20 years, the state of New Hampshire isn’t facing a court battle over school funding.

That may not last.

Gov. John Lynch last week signed a final piece of legislation to meet court-mandated changes to the school-funding formula. The N.H. Supreme Court handed down rulings over two decades that the state must offer children a constitutionally “adequate” education.

But key players involved in the multiyear funding fight expect this will be only a lull in litigation, and they predict a possible return to the courts in 2011, when the new financial aid system is fully implemented.

“I wouldn’t say we’re done, but I wouldn’t say we’re about to run off to court, either,” said Andru Volinsky, lead lawyer for the five communities that filed the initial lawsuit against the state back in 1991. “One of our major problems is there is still not a reliable funding source.” (

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