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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Concord car owners look to avoid increased fees

Shira Schoenberg writes in the Concord Monitor that local motorists are registering their cars early to avoid higher fees under the new state budget:
In a phenomenon rarely seen by bill collectors, a large number of them were paying to renew their car registrations - up to three months early. Their goal: escaping a state fee increase that goes into effect Saturday.

"When you have three cars to register and prices are going up, if you can save money, it's better to save it, with the economy the way it is," said Linda Fellows, 42. Fellows, who is disabled, is unhappy that the state is raising the fees, which could cost her an additional $100 a year. "When we got wind that if we register early, it's going to save money, my husband said go down and do it." (more)
Take note when July's revenue figures come in early in August. If car registration revenues exceed estimates, it could be because drivers are paying early, which could mean a dip in total registration revenues throughout the year. Or this could be anecdotal evidence that has little impact on the overall state budget.

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