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Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Plan B after JUA Case

Lauren Dorgan reports in the Concord Monitor that Governor John Lynch didn't have any plans to respond to the state's loss in the JUA Lawsuit, beyond appealing the decision to the Supreme Court:

he 27-page ruling thoroughly took down each part of the state's case. As one person I talked to put it, it "wasn't just no - it was hell no."

The state is, of course, appealing the decision. But meanwhile, the $110 million question is: What will the state do if it loses at the Supreme Court?

Lynch is playing it extremely close to his vest. Asked by reporters, he's so far only repeated his faith that the money rightfully belongs to the state and that the state will prevail on appeal.

It just might not be a great posture to defend a legal case while planning for a loss. Democratic Sen. Harold Janeway of Webster said he hadn't caught a whiff of what the plan was. "I don't know what, if anything, is brewing behind the scenes as a Plan B," he said. (more)

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