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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sen. Judd Gregg- There is Time for Change

Senator Judd Gregg shares his thoughts on health care reform in the pages of the Union Leader.
According to Census data, more than 170 million Americans get their insurance through their employer, and most folks want to keep what they already have and not risk losing it by moving to a government-run system. We should build off the success of the private market, employer-based system to provide insurance options to all. However, the Democratic proposals could cause employees to lose their insurance, or worse, their jobs. Under the new pay-or-play mandate in the Kennedy-Dodd proposal, many companies will find it cheaper to pay an annual fine of $750 per employee than to offer health insurance to their workers. The result? Fewer employers will offer health insurance, disrupting the health insurance coverage many families currently have.

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