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Monday, August 31, 2009

Nothing to do with public policy

Okay, this will likely have no impact whatsoever on the New Hampshire budget or anything else we cover here at NH Watchdog, but I've been hit with three pieces of awful news.

First, Dartmouth is losing my favorite philosophy professor, to Duke.

Second, the Patriots are losing my favorite linebacker, to retirement.

And finally, on a more serious note, New Hampshire has lost one of its best Congressional staff members, Dan Wihby.
For many years, Dan served as an assistant to U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg in the senator's Manchester office. In the political seasons, he was field director for the senator's election campaigns. He also played key advisory and hands-on roles in many other campaigns -- national, state, and local. Prior to his full-time association with Sen. Gregg, he was also for a time employed with the N.H. Crime Commission and the N.H. Office of Emergency Management.

Dan was a friend and a role model. He will be missed.

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