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Monday, August 31, 2009

A funny thing happened at the DMV

The Concord Monitor kindly reprints my experience at the Division of Motor Vehicles in the Sunday Monitor Viewpoints section.
The Division of Motor Vehicles has become a parody of itself these days, ranking behind perhaps only the Post Office as a symbol of bureaucratic cluelessness. The very name conjures up images of long lines, endless paperwork and bleary-eyed government drones immune to your pleas to be treated with a little courtesy.

It was with these stereotypes in mind that I drove up to the DMV headquarters in Concord. I'm moving into a new apartment this week, and I needed to update the address on my license. I have 10 days to notify the DMV, but I was feeling proactive, so I went online to find out how I could go about the arduous process of changing my address.

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