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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lynch and legislative leaders ignoring budget reality

The Union Leader's Tom Fahey reports in his Under the State House Dome column that Democratic leaders are confident that the state can reverse this week's sternly-worded decision blocking their efforts to take $110 million from the Joint Underwriting Association:
Lynch said he expects the court to reverse the ruling on appeal. Senate President Sylvia Larsen said the same thing. So did Speaker of the House Terie Norelli. They and other legislative leaders met with Lynch one day before the ruling came down. Not surprisingly, they sang off the same sheet of music on why McGuire was wrong.

Each referred to the JUA's tax-exempt status, and each said the fund was never intended to provide "a windfall" to doctors.

No one is talking about how to fix a problem, because none of them acknowledge one exists. (more)
Taking the JUA's money, by breaking the clear language of the New Hampshire statute, was irresponsible. Ignoring the Court's decision and failing to plan for its consequences is delusional.

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