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Friday, August 21, 2009

Nice insurance company you got. Shame if anything happened to it.

Congressman Henry Waxman has decided that holding a gavel in Washington means he can shake down companies that fail to back nationalized health care, demanding information from the companies and threatening Congressional investigations.

Newt Gingrich summarizes the latest tactic in the ObamaCare Shakedown in the pages of the Washington Examiner.
Imagine that. An investigation of health insurance compensation launched by two powerful Democratic House Committee Chairmen in the midst of a coordinated campaign to vilify health insurance companies.

As far as intimidation tactics go, this latest move by Waxman and Stupak makes the White House's effort to "flag" online political opponents look small time.

Waxman and Stupak are attempting to use raw political power to silence their opponents, plain and simple. If that's not the case, why single out one sector of healthcare and not others, like physician groups, hospitals, and drug companies? Could it be because many of these groups have publicly supported the emerging Democratic legislation?
Such blatant abuse of power would get a prosecutor fired or indicted. But this is Congress. Waxman and company are using the power of government in an attempt to stifle political opponents, and force an unpopular government health care program into law. We're pretty cynical about such abuses these days, but such strong-arm tactics should not be condoned.

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