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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pan Am complains about rail lease investigation

In the Union Leader, John DiStaso reports that Pan Am is not happy with the results of an investigation into a controversial rail lease given to State Representative Peter Leishman.
Culliford said Pan Am remains concerned "with the appearance of a conflict created by the Office of the Attorney General investigating the actions of another public agency which it also represents."

He charged that "the real travesty is that the allegations that have been raised not only by Pan Am but also by others are extremely serious, and the failure of your office to fully investigate these claims" shows that "the transparency and integrity that is required of all public officials is being undermined in New Hampshire by these recent events."

Rice's investigative report consisted of a three-page letter to David Fink, Pan Am Railway's president, concluding that there had been no criminal conduct by public officials, but that she had forwarded Pan Am's complaint to the Legislative Ethics Committee.
Rice has promised us an electronic copy of the entire investigative file later this week, once she redacts any non-public information. We will post the complete file as soon as its available.

1 comment:

  1. WATCH OUT FOR PAN Am Railways.
    They are not to be trusted.
    Have a look at the memo on sentencing for Pan Am by the Massachusetts Environmental Crimes Strike Force at the bottom of this blog-

    Pan Am Railways doesn't care about communities or the environment. They are out to make money at any cost. Watch out for this company. They are building a 25 acre parking lot over an aquifer that supplies drinking water to 15,000 people -- even though the community objects to it and there is a similar lot 1/4 mile away.