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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rose Friedman, Economist and Collaborator, Dies at 98

The New York Times eulogizes Rose Friedman.
They wrote other books together, including “Free to Choose” (1980), an explication of free-market theory for a general audience, which was published in conjunction with a 10-part series on the Public Broadcasting Service; “The Tyranny of the Status Quo,” an argument for amending the Constitution to constrain the scope of government (1982); and “Two Lucky People” (1998), a dual memoir, which discusses their remarkable partnership.

“Econ-nerds through and through,” David Brooks called the couple, reviewing the book in The New York Times Book Review and citing Mr. Friedman’s wistful remark, “I can recall many a pleasant summer evening discussing consumption data and theory in front of a blazing fire.”

They were known for being both romantically and intellectually suited to each other, often appearing in public holding hands, and though often debating — Ms. Friedman was known as the less compromising of the two — rarely, if ever bickering. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal in 2006, only a few months before her husband died, Ms. Friedman said the 2003 invasion of Iraq created the first major argument of their life together. She was in favor; he was not.

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