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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let there be light

In his weekly column in the Nashua Telegraph, Kevin Landrigan looks into some of the purchases that required a waiver to the Governor's Executive Order.
We price checked some of the equipment items that raised eyebrows before the Legislative Fiscal Committee last week. They were among the $2.9 million in expenses that Lynch agreed to waive from a freeze on equipment purchases.

The now infamous SigPro pistols cost the Liquor Commission $900 apiece for its investigators. We found the same model gun on ableammo.com on sale for $531; however, this doesn't include the grip, which costs another $269.

The $110 flashlights that probation and parole officers use at the Department of Corrections stood up even better. The Pelican 7060 LED dual-switch, self-charging light was on sale for $115 on opticsplanet.net.

Budget oversight members pounced on one trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, that a health and human services aide had taken last Nov. 21. Before you picture the image of a state bureaucrat sipping an umbrella drink while lounging on the sand, it was noted the one-day trip was to collar a New Hampshire runaway who headed for his former homeland.

The trip-taking winner goes to the business-seeking Department of Resources and Economic Development, which racked up $38,000 in expenses on multi-day trade shows or business visits to Germany; Ontario, Canada; Orlando, Fla.; Dallas; Charlotte, N.C.; and Pittsburgh.

Landrigan also has some valuable insights into the computer fiasco at the Department of Employment Security, and the state's apparant inability to get the Enterprise Resource Planning program off the ground.

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