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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Somersworth tax cap fight turns personal

Dover has a Tax Cap. Rochester does too. Now it's Somersworth's turn to debate the issue. And as Fosters Daily Democrat reports, the debate is getting personal.
Mayoral hopeful says voters' will tops need for legal opinion
By Jason Claffey
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SOMERSWORTH — The first (pot)shot of the latest tax cap battle rang out inside City Hall Monday night, with a mayoral hopeful slamming a city councilor for wanting to seek a legal opinion on the cap's validity.

During a regular council meeting, prominent Seacoast lawyer Lincoln Soldati, who recently announced his intention to run for mayor, said he disagreed with Councilor Dana Hilliard's desire to get an opinion from the Strafford County Superior Court on whether or not the tax cap language is legal.

Hilliard made his proposal after Mayor Michael Micucci cited a March ruling by a Merrimack County Superior Court judge that a proposed tax cap in Concord was unconstitutional. In July, the Concord City Council voted to remove a tax cap question from the ballot.

Soldati argued the council shouldn't spend money on a legal opinion until after residents vote in the November election because it will be a "moot" issue if the cap is voted down. He added the public "ought to be heard" on the issue. (more)

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