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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Book Review- Culture of Corruption

As a fan of Michelle Malkin's quick and witty online writing style, I'm looking forward to reading Culture of Corruption. The book has rocketed to #1 on Amazon, but it doesn't appear to have been reviewed by the usual mainstream papers. Here's a useful review at RadioVice Online:
Granted, some stories may have made page A1, but all seem to have been quickly forgotten. Malkin takes the time to detail the history, and very current stories involving the President Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and – who Howie Carr would refer to as – “all of their hacks” in political and private life. (Massachusetts hacks have got nothin’ on Obama hacks.)

malkin-culture-corruptionThe book is an easy read, and you’ll have many “oh, I remember that” moments as you read through the text. (more)
Also, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds interviews Malkin about the book on PJTV.

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