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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Raiding nonprofits: State needs to clarify

The Union Leader looks into Governor John Lynch's disturbing reaction to the JUA Lawsuit, where he indicated tax-exempt status put an organization at the mercy of the state:

Citing the group's nonprofit status was intended to buttress the state's claims, but it is concerning. If the state Supreme Court overturns last week's Superior Court ruling and allows the state to take the JUA's money, it could encourage the state to look at other nonprofits. Granted, that would be a stretch. Unlike most nonprofit groups, the JUA was created by the Legislature and its board is appointed by a state department head. But legal precedent is legal precedent. If the court validates the argument that the organization's nonprofit status was one justifiable reason for the state to take its cash, that would give legislators cover for expanding such raids in the future. (more)

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