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Monday, August 3, 2009

Face it, Governor, you need a 'Plan B'

The Union Leader, Nashua Telegraph, Fosters, and Concord Monitor don't sing in harmony all that often. Yet all three editorial pages are joining the chorus calling for Governor John Lynch to acknowledge the reality that his plan to take $110 from the Joint Underwriting Association is growing less and less likely. Here's the Monitor's take.

Not discussing a Plan B is unfair to the people who may become Plan B. House Finance Chairwoman Marjorie Smith has cited plans to tax estates worth more than $2 million and a capital gains tax as revenue possibilities that could be adopted if needed. Those levies would raise an estimated $85 million. Both are good and viable alternatives. But people who may wind up paying such levies deserve time to make financial preparations. So do the state's businesses and other potential sources of revenue. (more)

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