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Friday, May 15, 2009

Tax cap debate to hit Senate floor

Tom Fahey reports in the Union Leader that a move to let any New Hampshire city or town vote on a tax cap is going to get its day on the Senate floor:
A Merrimack County Superior Court ruling in March said state law and the constitution bar adoption of tax caps in municipalities that operate under charters.

Acting on a challenge that Concord officials filed, the court said the cap would interfere with a city manager's duty under state law to present a budget to city officials.

Republicans say their proposed amendment adjusts state law to satisfy the court's concerns. It protects those communities that have adopted caps, and gives voters in other towns and cities the right to decide whether they want a cap in place, and includes an override provision if voters think cuts go too far. Democrats have resisted the amendment.

The Senate Public and Municipal Affairs Committee did not consider the cap proposal yesterday in a vote proponents hoped would bring it to the full Senate.

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