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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not Vital: Nix Needless Commissions

The Union Leader editorializes against a constant drain on the taxpayers, New Hampshire's endless maze of advisory commissions:
Members of the Senate Finance Committee were trying to decide Wednesday night whether to continue funding the Commission on the Status of Women, established in 1969. Sen. Kathy Sgambati, D-Tilton, said she supports the commission's work, but she voted to cut its $148,000 appropriation because in these tough times senators have to decide "what is the most vital service? What is the most vital need?"

That is true. But it is no more true now than in good times. Sgambati's willingness to fund the commission except when times are tight suggests that she knows it really doesn't do essential work. And the state should not take taxpayer money to fund activities that are superfluous.

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