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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lynch Comes Out Against Gas Tax

In the past, NH Watchdog has criticized Governor John Lynch for downshfiting the cost of the stat budget onto cities and towns, threatening the New Hampshire bond rating by borrowing money for operational costs, and for using highway spending gimmicks.

So we're happy to praise the Governor when he has not only gotten out in front of an issue, but made the right decision, according to Norma Love's AP article in the Union Leader:
Gov. John Lynch said Friday he would veto the state budget if it contained a gas tax increase.

Lynch said he told legislative leaders he would not accept the 15 cent tax increase passed by the House and under consideration in the Senate. Lynch and lawmakers are at odds over how to fund badly needed repairs and maintenance to the state's highways and bridges.

"In very difficult economic times, the last thing we should do is increase the gas tax," he said.

Lynch's announcement makes it much less likely that the Legislature will pass a gas tax, which is good news. It also makes it more likely that it will adopt some of Lynch's bad ideas, such as toll increases and a raid on the Turnpike Fund.

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