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Thursday, June 11, 2009

UL- "Obama and paygo: Make me be responsible!"

The Union Leader comments on President Obama's push for Pay As You Go rules for federal budgeting, and is far less generous that NH Watchdog about the President's shift towards fiscal responsibility:

The pay-as-you-go rules Obama now says he wants to put back into law always have exceptions for "emergencies." That's how Obama got his "stimulus" spending past the House of Representatives' existing paygo rules. And it is why they won't restore fiscal responsibility. There's always an "emergency" to be exploited.

What Obama is really saying by advocating these rules is that he and Congress don't have the will to curb spending unless made to do so. That's a damning admission for a President who campaigned on a promise to restore fiscal responsibility.

No change in the budget process will stop a Congress or a President determined to spend like drunken sailors. But putting real PAYGO rules in place is a good idea. Vetoing pork-filled appropriations bills would be even better.

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