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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tone of stimulus coverage shifting

The Concord Monitor runs an AP piece on President Obama's latest promise to throw money at the economy, but the tone of the piece lacks the deference to the White House that marked early coverage of the Obama Administration:

Obama admitted his own dissatisfaction with the progress but said his administration would ramp up stimulus spending in the coming months. The White House acknowledged it has spent only $44 billion, or 5 percent, of the $787 billion stimulus, but that total has always been expected to rise sharply this summer.

"Now we're in a position to really accelerate," Obama said.

He also repeated an earlier promise to create or save 600,000 jobs by the end of the summer.

Neither the acceleration nor the jobs goal are new. Both represent a White House repackaging of promises and projects to blunt criticism that the effects haven't been worth the historic price tag. And the job estimate is so murky, it can never be verified.

That last sentence wouldn't have made it into a story during the stimulus debate. Perhaps, the Associated Press has noticed that the Administration's previous claims that adding ten years of debt would boost the economy haven't quite worked out as planned.

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