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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Telegraph- Building Aid will survive in NH Budget

Kevin Landrigan reports in the Nashus Telegraph that yesterday's opening of the House-Senate Committee of Conference came to one significant agreement; restoring school building aid to the state budget:

The only significant concession came when House budget writers agreed to find enough revenue to pay $87 million in school building aid grants.

The $11.5 billion budget (HB 1) the House approved in March did not include building aid for school districts.

The Senate added the money at the 11th hour of its work on the spending plan after they had approved opening up three video slot machine parlors at the racetracks and authorizing two more at North Country resort sites.

We've covered what suspending building aid would do to local school districts. Neither the House nor Senate budgets include funding under the state's 31-A revenue sharing program, which would increase local property taxes.

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