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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meet the New Press Preview

Here's a preview of today's edition of Meet the New Press from our friends at Granite Grok.

As usual, this week's broadcast version of GraniteGrok and Now!Hampshire.com brings an array of items and guests for your consideration-- ALL STARTING AT 9AM! As always, thanks to the technical wizardry and analytical skills of Skip, if you are beyond the broadcast area of Newstalk 1490 WEMJ, simply click here for instructions on how to connect and listen on the Internet via livestream. (Podcasts here)

* Careful... there's a ferocious watchdog in the house! The NH Watchdog AKA Grant Bosse, Lead Investigative Reporter for the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy joins us for the full two hours of the program. Unlike the NH Senate President, who tossed him out on his keister earlier this week, we actually LIKE having him around, as he knows more about what's happening in state government with regards to budgets and taxation than pretty much anyone else-- and of course, given what the Democrats have been doing in Concord lately, they want to keep the folks as much in the dark as possible. Grant spoils all that with his excellent reporting, and we're pleased to have him join us. Among the topics we'll hit will be:
o It's D-Day. It's also the 67th anniversary of the Battle of Midway. Grant wrote a piece noting this pivotal point of World War 2
o Budget details-- what the tax and spend majority in Concord don't want you to know... until it's too late. Watch out- the tax and fee man cometh!
o The Dems reveal themselves as anti tax cap. Franklin Mayor Ken Merrifield had a good piece on the subject in the UL this week. We'll ponder why some politicians don't wan't to simply allow people the chance to vote whether or not to limit taxes using this tool.
o We'll analyze the GraniteGrok GOP Gov poll results. Who won? Who did we forget?
o The war on alternative education continues apace. Why? So does the war on breakfast. Grant explains.
* NH GOP Chair former Gov John H Sununu checks in to review the events of the week, and what Republicans would be doing differently were they in charge at the moment. We'll ask him what exactly is the message Granite State Republicans want to get out to voters and how they plan on delivering it. We'll get his take on President Obama and the Islamic World speech, the President and the Germans, and, the President and our World War 2 veterans.
* Leslie Carbone previews her soon to be released book, Slaying Leviathan, The Moral Case for Tax Reform, which couldn't be more timely. Leslie served as the director of Family Tax Policy at the Family Research Council, chief of staff to the late assemblyman Gil Ferguson of California, and a speechwriter for U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao. Her writing has been published in the Weekly Standard, the American Enterprise, the San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous other magazines and journals. In addition to her book, we'll discuss:
o Federal spending and the budget. What will stimulus end up doing to us?
o The government takeover of GM. Good for America?
o Our former NH state Republican Party chair wrote a column in Friday's Union Leader telling members, when it comes to Ronald Reagan: GET OVER HIM! I think Leslie has a different take on this, the fifth anniversary week of the Gipper's death.

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