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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Decimation: Targeting charter schools

The Union Leader tackles the state budget, and it's impact on charter schools, on the editorial page this morning. It's short enough and cognet enough that I won't exerpt it. Here's the whole thing:
Hidden in the Senate Finance Commitee's proposed state budget is language designed to decimate public charter schools. It would cap charter school enrollment at 850 students next year. That's down from 1,000 students this year.

It also would remove the state Department of Education's authority to approve charter schools. Two-thirds of the state's existing charter schools were approved by the department. Revoking that authority would doom charter schools in many communities where unions for teachers and public school administrators control local school boards.

Studies have shown that in many cases students who struggle in regular schools thrive in charter schools. Restricting the growth of charter schools harms children. This language must be stricken from the bill. It is anti-child, anti-education and anti-New Hampshire.

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