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Friday, June 5, 2009

Colorado gets back into movie business

The State of Colorado has turned its state film office into a non-profit commission. But now, the state government is getting back into the movie business, according to an Associated Press report in Forbes:
Gov. Bill Ritter signed legislation Thursday that converts the three-employee Colorado Film Commission into the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media within the state Office of Economic Development as of July 1.

The Legislature created the commission in 1969. State budget woes eliminated its funding in 2003, but it relaunched as a nonprofit group in 2005. It has operated as a public-private partnership, but becoming a state agency brings it more stability.
Our friends at the Mackinac Center have done some great work outlining the wastefulness of government subsidies to private film companies.

So what incentives does New Hampshire give to Hollywood to film its movies and television shows in the Granite State? The same incentives we give to every business:

The New Hampshire Advantage

No Sales Tax, Personal Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax or Use Tax.

Since New Hampshire’s “rebates” are built into our economy, you never have to “pay now and save later.” You get your savings up front the moment the cameras start rolling in New Hampshire. No need to fill out permit applications or register your production company as a certified business. Just bring your camera and your imagination. When shooting has wrapped, get your film into post and forget about the paperwork.

Let's hope we don't have to update that website anytime soon.

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