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Monday, June 8, 2009

Boston Herald- "N.H. eyes big payday from our tax hike"

I missed this over the weekend, but Charlie points me to a story in the Boston Herald about Massachusetts border towns bearing the brunt of their legislature's tax hikes:

Bay State border towns, bruised by a brutal recession and drastic cuts to local aid, are bracing for a shoppers’ exodus into tax-free New Hampshire if legislative efforts to raise the sales tax by 25 percent prevail in coming weeks.

“We are already feeling the disadvantage we have today,” said Methuen Mayor William M. Manzi III. “We think the increase makes it substantially worse. We’ve seen a major flight of jobs and business investment into Salem, N.H. This is not good for Methuen.”

House and Senate lawmakers have passed separate proposals with veto-proof margins to hike the sales tax from 5 percent to 6.25 percent to help balance the state budget. House budget writers estimate the hike will generate $900 million next fiscal year, including $205 million for local aid.

It's good to see Massachusetts joining Vermont in the New Hampshire Economic Recovery Coalition. What can we do to get the New Hampshire legislature on board?

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