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Thursday, June 11, 2009

AP is here to defend 1st Amendment; not to practice it

The Associated Press has made a habit of going after bloggers for what most people consider fair use of breaking news. Now, AP management has reprimanded a reporter over a Facebook post:

An Associated Press reporter’s official reprimand over an innocuous comment on his Facebook page has sparked the ire of union officials. They are now demanding that AP clarify its ethics guidelines and are also urging reporters to watch who they add to their friends lists.

I've always had a great relationship with the New Hampshire Associated Press. Dave Tirrell-Wysocki was phenomenal to work with as AP Broadcast Editor, and Norma Love is indispensable at the State House.

But nationally, the AP has been hamfisted and thuggish in its response to new media. And its coverage of the Presidential campaign was laughably one-sided. No wonder the youngsters are turning to Jon Stewart for their news and commentary.

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