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Monday, November 9, 2009

Telegraph slaps Court over cable ruling

The Nashua Telegraph takes issue with a recent New Hampshire Supreme Court ruling, which decided that a landlord could not cut off an illegal cable hookup from a tenant who had stopped paying the rent.
That’s seems a bit of a stretch. Television and Internet service are not cited in the legislation, and although telephone service is protected, there is no indication that cable was a telephone provider in this case.

If the connection was illegal, as the landlord claims, then it should have been disconnected anyway, making this a poor case upon which to set such a broad precedent if that was the court’s objective.

With this ruling, the court has essentially put cable television in the same category as essentials like water, light and electricity. What’s next? “Cable stamps” for those who can’t afford a hook-up; or Internet assistance for those who qualify for fuel assistance and subsidized school lunch?

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