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Sunday, November 15, 2009

NH Retirement System reform may hit cities and towns

Shira Schoenberg leads her Capital Beat column in the Concord Monitor with some good old fashioned, green eyeshade, public policy reporting on the problems facing the New Hampshire Retirement System.

Actuarial consultant Gabriel, Roeder Smith & Co. is recommending that the retirement system raise the rates for employer contributions by an average of 22.68 percent in 2011. The increase would be lowest for state employees and highest for local police officers, firefighters and teachers.

"This is going to be a good-size hit on (municipalities') budgets," said Barbara Reid, government finance adviser for the New Hampshire Municipal Association.

Dean Michener, director of governmental relations for the New Hampshire School Boards Association put it this way: "This kind of increase is just not sustainable."

Don't worry. She's got plenty of the campaign tidbits that make the column a must-read for political junkies as well.

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