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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amendment X: Buying Votes in Ohio

When politicians vastly outspend their opponents on TV ads and direct mail, they are accused of trying to buy votes. Think of Jon Corzine in New Jersey today, or Michael Bloomberg in New York City, or Craig Benson here in New Hampshire a few years ago.

But Lynn Walsh at Ohio Watchdog reports that a local college Democrats group has gone a step further, and is actually paying $5 per vote.
The Ohio University College Democrats has found itself in the middle of a voting controversy. It all started with this e-mail; sent out by Kelli Galan, Vice President of Ohio University College Democrats, encouraging fellow group members to “march to the polls.”

The e-mail reminded students to vote and bring friends “in the same situation.” The e-mail went further than encouraging voting and promised money in return for voters in a specific voting ward. “Remember, if you bring a friend from 4th ward they are more then a friend, they’re 5 bucks!”
The Athens County Prosecutor is investigating the case.

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