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Monday, November 9, 2009

City pays consultants $200,000 to find savings

Our friends at the Commonwealth Foundation pass along news that the city of Harrisburg is spending $200,000 on consultants to make the tough decisions for them.
Management Partners, Inc. suggested Lancaster needed to increase service fees and even cut staff. Of the 180 recommendations, the city acted on nearly half.

"Some of them we couldn't implement because of resistance from unions," Gray said. "Some of them we're still looking at and in the process of implementing."
The Commonwealth Foundation offers a radical, alternative approach.
Here is one suggestion: stop spending so much money on consultants ... or eliminate the budget office that can't do the job itself.


  1. I do not see a problem with this. Businesses use consultants all the time as they provide an outsiders view and expertise on where savings can be had.

  2. Their advice was "raise fees or cut staff." I could have told them that for $100,000.