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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NH Representatives Respond to Phantom Congressional Districts

Adam Krauss at Foster's Daily Democrat has gotten reaction to this week's news of massive errors in the Recovery.org database from New Hampshire's two Representatives in Congress.

Matt Robison, chief of staff for Rep. Paul Hodes, D-Concord, said "there's no question that this was a serious mistake and an example of sloppy record-keeping by the administration and Paul Hodes believes we need real answers and an accurate picture of the situation that working families are facing."

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, D-Rochester, said the typos were discovered because of the "unprecedented level of transparency and disclosure" at Recovery.gov. "While it is unacceptable for Recovery.gov to have any typos, I am pleased that the administration is working to immediately correct them," she said.
No reaction yet from the Congressman from the mythical 4th, 6th, 27th, and 00th Districts.


  1. Why would you continue to ride this hobby horse when you know it was a data entry error that has now been corrected.

    If you want to be considered a serious player in the state you've got to get serious.

  2. Bill,
    This can't be dismissed a merely a "data entry error". This is mismanagement of an $84 million program, designed to provide oversight and transparency into a $787 billion program. It has not yet been corrected, and is symptomatic of a larger failure to forecast the impact the stimulus bill would have on the American economy.

    Thanks for the comment,