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Friday, November 6, 2009

The bright side of a recession

Governor John Lynch discusses the silver lining of New Hampshire economic dark cloud with Foster's Daily Democrat.
Gov. John Lynch told editors and managers at Foster's Daily Democrat Monday, "I think there is a silver lining. I think we need to use this economic recession that we're in as an opportunity to streamline state government and make it more efficient."

The nature of government is such that it encourages the expansion of public services — whether they are needed or not and whether or not the people are asking for them. Government in the United States has become the antithesis of sound business practices. However, there are times when government is forced to take several steps back and impose efficiencies.

Lynch's recent confrontation with the state's employees unions resulted in something good for the people of New Hampshire. Some 250 positions were eliminated, contributing to the successful ability save the state about $25 million in labor costs, as mandated by the Legislature.

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