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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The War on Breakfast Bogs Down

Nick Gillespie writes in Reason about the Obama Administration's continued War on Breakfast, as busybody regulators try to stop Cheerios' Reign of Terror.
The Wash Post reports on burgeoning efforts by the Obama administration to butt into even more aspects of everyday life and treat us all as if we have the brainpower of Joe Biden. "A handful of Obama appointees," writes the Post, "are awakening a vast regulatory apparatus with authority over nearly every U.S. workplace, 15,000 consumer products, and most items found in kitchen pantries and medicine cabinets."

Near the top of the list? The dread menace of Cheerios, the burp-inducing breakfast cereal that lies (lies!) about its crunchety goodness and heart-helping properties. Or at least needs to run clinical studies on more unwilling children:
If they're going after Cheerio's, for crying out loud, isn't bacon going to be next? I'm sure the Nobel Committee will rescind the award. In the meantime, we need a champion to stand up for breakfast, and John Belushi isn't available.

1 comment:

  1. I realize the point about overregulation ... yet I am in favor of Government oversight on consumer products that make claims like Cheerio's "Reducing Cholesterol by %4". Next could be "drinking Milk increases bone density by 3%". Any such claim should be looked at as a drug claim and allowed only when proven thru drug trials. Sorry but I'm with the FDA Commish on this one...